Why Polkadot’s Cross-Chain Message Passing (XCMP) Protocol is Needed?

XCMP enables the blockchains in the Polkadot ecosystem to interact safely and efficiently

Chen Xiliang, Laminar CTO:

From “a loose collection of blockchains” to “an interactive ecosystem”

John, Polkadot Technical Ambassador:

XCMP is the TCP/IP protocol in the blockchain world

Zhang Xiao, Founder of Ice Chain Technology, Polkadot Ambassador, Expert Committee Member of Ethereum Community Fund

Let the blockchains interact with each other like DAPPs do, but not compete for resources like DAPPs do

Acala Network CTO Wang Jianjiang:

Network effects and efficiency improvements

Marvin, co-founder of Phala Network:

The more chains connected, the more use cases are enabled

Astar CTO Watanabe Sota

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