TEA Project: Substrate-based decentralized cloud computing platform|PW Interviews

PW: Can you explain what TEA Project wants to do in a way that anyone can understand? What is your goal?

Kevin: Okay, let’s talk about the environment we are facing now.

PW: How does TEA Project implement such a platform so that it can combine the benefits of cloud computing and blockchain at the same time?

Kevin: To do this, we use layer 2 technology, and the two layers do different things.

PW: What is the relationship between TEA Project and Polkadot?

Kevin: If we have the ability, we will still choose to participate in the auction slot. But the reason we chose to become a parachain is not to value the shared security of the relay chain, but to achieve interoperability with the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

PW: Why did you choose to develop TEA on Substrate?

Kevin: One reason for choosing Substrate is that it is easy to use, and I won’t say much about it. Another reason is that we are very interested in the Polkadot ecosystem. If we use Substrate to develop and join the Polkadot ecosystem, we can communicate across the chains. We can provide computing services for other Polkadot ecological parachains. This is a very important business model to us.

PW: What is the difference between the Tea Project and Phala, another privacy cloud computing project on Polkadot?

Kevin: First of all, let’s talk about the similarities. We all work on trusted computing and we all use hardware.

PW: Do you have any technical challenges in developing the TEA platform? For users, will it increase some usage costs?

Kevin: Of course there are technical challenges, but mainly on our development side, users have little perception. From the user’s point of view, using an application on our platform may feel similar to using an Internet application.

PW: How long has this project been developed? What stage is it now?

Kevin: It has been developed for two and a half years, and now the goal of the first phase has been completed.



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