PolkaWorld Interview Program

3 min readNov 30, 2020


The №1 Chinese Polkadot Community “PolkaWorld” has started 「PW Interview Program」, aiming to help Polkadot community projects to be better heard in China. Apply now to take your first step towards the booming Polkadot China community.

In the past year, we have seen more and more teams join the process of contributing to the Polkadot and Kusama technology stacks. Many of these projects have also received grants from the Web3 Foundation, which have been officially recognized by the Foundation to a certain extent, and at the same time have brought continuous prosperity to the Polkadot ecosystem.

As the world’s largest Polkadot Chinese community, PolkaWorld has been committed to popularizing Polkadot technical knowledge, cultivating Substrate developers, and supporting Polkadot eco-projects, thereby promoting the development of China’s Web3.0 ecology. So far, 30,000+ Polkadot fans have been gathered in PolkaWorld. The community content of PolkaWorld has gradually become the vertical information platform most concerned by Polkafans.

Since the establishment of the PolkaWorld community, the “PolkaWorld Interview” column has interviewed dozens of key builders in the Polkadot ecosystem, including Dr. Gavin Wood, Yaoqi Jia, Head of Engineering of Parity Aisa, Qinwen Wang, Community Manager of Web3 Foundation, Bryan Chen, Yuyao Jiang from Acala, Sota Watanabe from Plasm, etc. To better support the Polkadot ecological builders and promote the development of the Web3.0 ecosystem, we are now launching the “PolkaWorld Interview Program” (referred to as the PW Interview Program) to openly solicit interview objects from the community.

The program will make some corresponding interviews and reports on some Polkadot ecological high-quality projects, especially innovative projects that have almost no voice or exposure in China. On the one hand, users of the Polkadot community can learn more about the latest Polkadot ecological project and the team members through the PolkaWorld community. At the same time, excellent projects can enter the field of vision of community users in the early stage, and get the most exposure the first time.

The “PolkaWorld Interview Program” is not only for domestic projects here in China, we also look forward to the global Polka ecological projects can get in touch with us. We will provide a fair, just, and open content platform. Using our experience and PolkaWorld’s perspective, we will provide community users with a space to display ecological projects and help users learn about the early Polkadot Eco projects here.

“PW Interview Program” application instructions:

  • All Web3.0 ecological teams, including those who plan to access Polkadot and Kusama, have developed based on the Substrate framework and are committed to promoting the Web3.0 vision. Teams can apply for the “PW Interview Program” to seek reporting opportunities. Both domestic and foreign teams are welcomed to apply.
  • The PW content team will conduct an overall evaluation of the submitted projects, and will give priority to high-quality early-stage projects, projects that have received the Web3 Foundation Grant, and projects that have never been reported by PolkaWorld in the past.

How to apply for “PW Interview Program”:

Click the link to fill in the application formand we will get in touch with you soon. https://forms.gle/Nsrn5YYVR1fwRA4w7

Special statement:

The PolkaWorld community adheres to helping the better development of high-quality projects and the implementation of the Substrate / Polkadot ecosystem and has always maintained a neutral original intention. This “PW Interview Program” is fair, just, open, and transparent! PolkaWorld does not make any investment advice.

Thank you again for your contributions to Polkadot, and hope that more and more people will join Polkadot.

About PolkaWorld

Polkadot’s largest Chinese community

The PolkaWorld community has gathered more than 30,000 Polkadot fans. It is the world’s largest Polkadot Chinese community and the only community that has received the Web3 Foundation Community Grant.

PolkaWorld is committed to popularizing Polkadot technical knowledge, training Substrate developers, and supporting Polkadot ecological entrepreneurs, thereby promoting the development of China’s Web3.0 ecology.