Polkadot ambassadors in China:the most powerful thing is Substrate framework!

PolkaWorld interviewed the first group of official ambassadors of Polkadot in China recently to share why they chose Polkadot, how they became ambassadors, and what they have done in the community for Polkadot! This is the first part.

Hang Yin : Technical ambassador, CTO of Phala network

Dr. John Wu: Technical ambassador, Substrate developer, CTO of Cdot

Kubidexiaogong: Community management ambassador, a Polkadot enthusiast

Hang Yin:I first heard about Polkadot from a few my friends, and then found that Polkadot’s design is particularly in line with our cross-chain privacy infrastructure goals. But you know, there is a threshold for Polkadot’s technology stack, so we spend a lot of time learning and communicating. In fact, the most effective way to communicate is to take the initiative to share our experience, so we are also keen to participate in various technology sharing sessions and Workshop. So I joined Polkadot ambassador program and now i am officially on board.

John:Since I watched the video of Dr. Gavin Wood presenting Substrate on stage at Web3 Summit 2018, Berlin — from factory-sealed laptop to a fully-specced blockchain in 30 minutes, I was so excited about the technologies of Substrate and Polkadot, and became one of the early amateurs in China. Before applying and becoming an ambassador, I organized some Substrate talks and workshops together with my friends. Therefore when I heard that Polkadot had launched the ambassador program in China, I signed up at the first time. Hope this may push myself to make more contributions to the ecosystem.

Kubidexiaogong:I participated in Polkadot project in 2017 years. I am alway pay close attention to Polkadot and I am also obliged to share some latest news. So when I saw this plan, I registered for the first time.

John:I have held several workshops and talks with some partners (including PolkaWorld). I have also written and translated articles about Polkadot and Substrate and participated in the translation of some documentations.

Kubidexiaogong:I joined more than 30+ Polkadot WeChat group, and I will share the information related to Polkadot in all groups at the same time. I also lear the claim of DOT/KSM, validators and how to nominate, etc. I hope you can provide some help when someone has problems in the group.

Hang Yin:I’m a little more geeky, so it’s mainly about technology sharing and Substrate workshops, and helping the official organize some event.

Kubidexiaogong:To be honest, I have not much contact with Web 3 team, but I have asked a few questions in Riot and chatted with Gavin personally. I personally feel that the team is very cautious. Gavin treats members of the community very approachable and will seriously consider what we give suggestions! I think a community should be like this, respect everyone’s questions and suggestions!

John:First of all, there are not so many chances to work with a team of this size in the blockchain industry. I think the biggest feeling is that there are many tech experts in the team. I was especially deeply impressed in Sub0.1. Many developers in Parity are experts on Rust, while W3F has excellent researchers like Dr. Alistair. Not to mention Dr. Gavin Wood.

Hang Yin:I think the biggest feeling is that they are very geeky and pragmatic, which is very different from many other blockchain teams in recent years. Another is that the community is very friendly, and any technical and non-technical questions will be quickly answered or helped. I think these two points actually create an atmosphere that encourages innovation.

John:I think the most powerful part is the Substrate framework. The development team can develop the blockchain as easily as the smart contracts. I also admire Polkadot’s spirit of exploration. Polkadot is making a lot of bold attempts in various fields such as consensus, governance, sharding, and cross-chain Other projects, even with such an innovative spirit in one area, are hard to come by. Thoughts like Kusama have never been thought of.

Kubidexiaogong:Of course, the most powerful is Gavin Wood! Gavin is the soul of the entire ecosystem, an object worshipped by many developers, and a leader in the entire blockchain technology!

Hang Yin:It is actually the same as the previous question, or two points that complement each other. The technical route is very advanced and the community atmosphere is very good.

Kubidexiaogong:In fact, I hope that Polkadot can have more voice, but at the same time I hope that Polkadot can be quiet and just do what we want, So I hope Polkadot will stick to its original intention and be driven by technology. Only more developers can develop healthily! In addition, I hope more and more projects in the future, whether the existing public chain or some of the DeFi products, can all be connected to the Polkadot ecosystem in a Parachain or bridge!

Hang Yin:I think we need to find a way to expand the quality of our communities.

At present, Polkadot ecosystem is still in a very early stage. After all, the main network is not launched, and projects in the ecosystem is being developed. Polkadot is positioned as the infrastructure for blockchain applications. It will definitely require e more innovation and business practices in the future. This requires more development teams to get on the car.

And at present, the quality of the development team and the community is good, but the scale must be expanded in the future. How to ensure quality in this process, I think this is one thing that all members of the Polkadot eco must work hard to think about.

John:I hope that Polkadot team can come to China more. Everyone in the community wants to see the team. And every event in China there was a sea of people. The good news is that I’m glad to see that the Polkadot’s team in China has been growing recently. This is very helpful for improving communication.

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