List of Polkadot Crowdloan Rewards: Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel, Litentry, Manta and Bifrost

7 min readNov 8, 2021

The long-awaited auction of Polkadot’s parachain slot will be officially started on November 11th. At present, the parachain registration and Crowdloan function have been enabled. We can see that some projects have already started the Crowdloan event, so it is time for DOT holders to start preparing for the crowdloans.


In this article, we have collected the projects that have announced the Polkadot Parachain Auction plan, and simply sorted out the rewards of each project to help everyone quickly understand the overall situation. Please note that this is not investment advice, and always beware of any potential fraud.

This article collects Auction plans for the following seven projects: Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel, Litentry, Manta, and Bifrost.

1. Acala


Acala is committed to becoming the DeFi hub of the Polkadot ecosystem, and the Acala Parachain will focus on building a high-value Web3 DeFi application ecosystem. Its canary network Karura has won Kusama’s first parachain slot.

Bidding Strategy:

  • Goal: To win the first Parachain slot
  • Parachain slot lease period: 96 weeks (approximately 2 years)

Crowdloan Reward:

  • Total reward: 17% of the total supply = 170 million Acala (including 15% basic reward + 2% other rewards)
  • Reward calculation method: (your DOT contribution/total DOT contribution to Acala) * 170,000,000. This formula is a rough calculation and needs to include various additional rewards.
  • Reward Distribution/Unlocking:
  • 100% will be distributed once the network is online and the transfer is enabled
  • 20% will support transfer after going online, and the remaining 80% will be released linearly by every block within 96 weeks
  • Extra Bonus:
  • Referral bonus up to 10%
  • VIP referral bonus, up to 10%
  • Acala Quest game, 2%
  • Participated in Karura Crowdloan, 2%
  • Limited edition NFT, for everyone who participate in the auction

Liquidity Solutions:

Acala provides the liquidity solution Acala Liquid Crowdloan. By participating in Crowdloan in this way, you can get the rewards, and will generate lcDOT derivative 1:1. lcDOT can be traded and can also be used to participate in DeFi modules, such as Swap or mint aUSD as collateral, etc. After the 96-week parachain lease period ends, DOT can be redeemed with lcDOT 1:1.

More Details About Acala Crowdloan:

2. Moonbeam


Moonbeam is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform for Polkadot, allowing multi-chain projects to be easily extended to Polkadot. Its canary network Moonriver has won Kusama’s second parachain slot.

Bidding Strategy:

  • Parachain slot lease period: up to 96 weeks (approximately two years)

Crowdloan Reward:

  • Total auction reward: 10% of the initial total supply = 100 million Glimmer
  • Reward calculation method: (Your DOT contribution/ Moonbeam total DOT contribution) * 100 million
  • Reward Distribution/Unlocking:
  • 30% will be unlocked when the parachain goes online (EVM and transfer functions are enabled)
  • 70% is linearly unlocked in each block during the 96-week lease period


Due to the requirements of the Moonbeam team, some regions are not allowed to participate in Moonbeam Crowdloan.

More Details About Moonbeam Crowdloan:

3. Astar


Astar Network is a multi-virtual machine, multi-chain, Layer 2 scalable smart contract platform based on Polkadot, which aims to become the central hub of blockchain DApp. Shiden, its canary network, has won Kusama’s third parachain slot.

Bidding Strategy:

  • Parachain lease period: 96 weeks (approximately two years)

Crowdloan Reward:

  • Total Rewards: 20% of the total supply = 1.4 billion Astars (of which 15% is used for Crowdloan and 5% is used for additional rewards)
  • Reward calculation method: (your DOT contribution/Astar’s total DOT contribution ) * 1.4 billion
  • Reward Distribution/Unlocking:
  • Distributed after the transfer function is enabled
  • Unlock 10% after the transfer function is enabled
  • The remaining 90% will be unlocked linearly within 22 months
  • Extra Bonus:
  • Referral reward: 10%
  • Early-bird reward: 20%
  • Lockdrop participants: 5%
  • Shiden Lockdrop Participants: 100 Shiden: 1 Astar

More Details About Astar Crowdloan:

4. Parallel


Parallel Finance provides products such as Lending, Liquid Staking and AMM, and is committed to bringing more liquidity to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Its Canary network Heiko has won the 10th slot of Kusama.

Bidding Strategy:

  • Slot rental period: 96 weeks (approximately two years)

Crowdloan Reward:

  • Total reward: 15% of total supply = 1.5 billion Parallel
  • Distribution/unlocking: Unlocked linearly by each block within two years
  • Reward calculation method: fixed ratio
  • Basic Rewards:
  • 1 DOT = 25 Parallel (Participation via Polkadot.js)
  • 1 DOT = 33 Parallel (participate through Parallel Auction Loan)
  • Extra Bonus:
  • Referral rewards up to 10%
  • Ladder early bird rewards up to 40%
  • Randomly draw 1000 contributors to get 1 NFT

Liquidity solutions:

Provide Parallel Auction Loan liquidity solutions. Features are as follows:

  • More Rewards: You can participate in Parallel and all other parachain’s Crowdloan through Auction Loan. In addition to the rewards of the project party, you will get 5 Parallel rewards for every 1 DOT contributed. Part of the parachains that have cooperation will also participate through this channel. Of users provide additional rewards
  • Unlock Liquidity: You can obtain the corresponding cDOT to unlock the liquidity. cDOT can be traded freely, or used to participate in DeFi in the DeFi module built in Parallel, and you can redeem DOT with cDOT 1:1 after the end of the parachain lease period

More Details About Parallel Crowdloan:

5. Litentry


Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregation protocol across multiple networks. Litentry provides a security tool through which users can manage their identities, and dApps can obtain real-time credit/reputation of the identity owner across different blockchains.

Bidding strategy:

  • Goal: To win the 1st-5th slots
  • Parachain lease period: 96 weeks
  • Crowdloan ceiling: 8,000,000 DOT

Crowdloan Reward:

  • Total basic reward: 20% of total supply = 20 million LIT
  • Reward calculation method: (your DOT contribution / Litentry’s total DOT contribution) * 20 million
  • Minimum contribution: 5 DOT
  • Reward Distribution/Unlocking:
  • Distribute as soon as the parachain starts running
  • Unlocked linearly by each block during the Parachain slot lease period (96 weeks)
  • Extra Bonus:
  • Early bird reward
  • DID bonus
  • Compensation for failed bidding:
  • If Litentry does not successfully bid for the first batch of slots, additional LIT compensation will be issued to contributors. The compensation ratio is 1 DOT to compensate 0.12 LIT, and the estimated compensation APY is 13%.

More Details About Litentry Crowdloan:

6. Manta


Manta Network is a privacy protection project on the Polkadot chain. Manta Network provides on-chain privacy protection for DeFi users through the cryptographic technology zkSNARK. It's Canary Network Calamari has won Kusama’s 7th Parachain slot.

Bidding strategy:

  • The hard cap of Crowdloan is 30,000,001 DOT, after which people will not be able to contribute anymore.
  • Since the reward is a fixed ratio, if the hard cap is not reached, the extra reward will be reserved for future auctions.

Auction Reward:

  • Total rewards: 15.6% of the total = 156 million Manta (12% is the auction base reward reserve, 3.6% is the additional reward)
  • Reward calculation method: fixed ratio
  • Basic reward: 1 DOT = 4 Manta
  • Extra Bonus:
  • Early bird reward
  • MantaPay Liquidity rewards
  • Distribution/Unlock:
  • Linearly unlocked by block in 96 weeks

More Details About Manta Crowdloan:

7. Bifrost


Bifrost is a cross-chain network that provides liquidity for staking. Bifrost has only a single main network and no canary network. Bifrost won the 5th slot in the Kusama network.

Bidding Strategy:

Bifrost will participate in the first batch of slot auctions, the specific strategy has not yet been announced.

Crowdloan Reward:

11 million Bifrost is reserved for rewards, the specific reward rules have not yet been announced.

Liquidity solutions:

Bifrost launched the SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol), which aims to release the liquidity of the DOT locked in the parachain auction process for the Polakdot ecosystem by issuing asset certificates that anchor locked assets.

For Crowdloan participants, while staking DOT, the certificates obtained can flow at any time, which improves the utilization rate of funds; for the parachain of auction slots, SALP attracts more supporters who do not want to lose opportunity cost, and increase The probability of successful bidding.

A tip From PolkaWorld

In the process of sorting out the information, we found that compared with Kusama Auction, many project teams have provided various rewards in Polkadot Auction, and some teams have also specially introduced liquidity release solutions, which also make the reward rules and gameplay become more interesting (and complex). So if you want to maximize your participation rewards, you have to put some effort to understand the reward rules of each project. You can check the “more details” links at the end of each introduction.

If you want to learn about slot auctions, you can watch this video:

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The content of this article is sorted out by PolkaWorld team and does not represent any investment advice. Please beware of fraud and any suspicious investment information.

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