Kusama art boom: NFT, blockchain games, metaverse and crypto art…

“Virtual Niche” exhibition audience experience VR maze

1. NFT protocol

The NFT protocol is crucial because it allows NFTs to be standardized, which makes it easier to create NFTs, and it also facilitates the circulation of NFTs between different DAPPs and blockchains.

  • ERC-721 is the earliest Ethereum NFT standard, and each token requires a separate smart contract. The ERC 721 standard is adopted by CryptoKitties and Decentraland.
  • ERC-1155 is a “multi-token standard” that allows a smart contract to handle multiple types of tokens, which can include fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, semi-fungible tokens, etc.

RMRK standard

RMRK is the first NFT standard on Kusama, and it can be used to mint and trade NFT on Kusama. Many of the familiar Kusama artworks are minted using the RMRK standard.

  • The core is the interactive EMOTE function, which allows NFT to accept emoticons on the chain. The EMOTE function is a price discovery mechanism, which is a bit similar to the effect of “likes”, and it is also a mechanism for interacting with NFT.
  • The basic functions are SEND, MINT and CONSUME.
  • Transaction-related functions include LIST and BUY. The LIST function allows users to put NFTs on the chain for sale. NFT sales can be done without a certain UI or auction platform, and there is no middleman. With the BUY function, you can buy listed items and immediately transfer KSM to the seller.
  • Nested NFT: Let the NFT have other NFTs, and after having it, the original NFT can get different rendering effects. For example, a game character NFT can have a variety of equipment and clothing NFTs. This feature can also pack a bunch of NFTs into a collection for sale.
  • Conditional rendering: Allow a specific NFT to show different visual effects according to specific conditions. NFT can react to some values ​​on the chain and change its appearance.
  • Multi-resource NFT: NFT can consist of multiple resources. For example, a game NFT can contain a piece of JS code to display in the browser, a high-definition art picture as the cover, and a PDF manual to explain how to play the game. Different resources will be displayed on different platforms.

NFT Pallet (Unique Network)

NFT Pallet is an NFT module in Substrate, developed by Unique Network. Its basic functions include creating NFT collections, minting tokens and managing their ownership, etc. In addition to NFT Pallet, the Unique chain also includes a smart contract module, and developers can implement some custom logic. Unique Network plans to become the NFT parachain of Kusama and Polkadot.

2. NFT infrastructure


PolkadotAssetJS mainly contains a web application that can directly display the artworks and collections in the Kusama wallet. The application can display NFT balances and NFT transaction records.

Unique NFT trading market

Unique has established an NFT trading market where you can browse, sell, and buy NFTs.

Chiba Gallery

Chiba Gallery is an crypto-art gallery on Kusama, where you can browse NFT artworks. At present, I see no works on display in the gallery for the time being.

3. NFT applications


Bit.Country is a Metaverse project based on Substrate and plans to bid for Kusama and Polkadot Parachain.


Kanaria (https://kanaria.rmrk.app/) is an NFT game based on Kusama and developed using the RMRK standard, developed by the RMRK team. At the same time, it is also the first use case of RMRK, showing various unique functions.


SubstraPunk is a Substrate-based virtual avatar NFT collection project developed by the Unique team, paying tribute to the famous NFT project CryptoPunks.

The price of some SubstraPunk on https://unqnft.io/#/market

ComingID NFT

ComingChat is an encrypted communication tool based on Substrate, developed by the Coming Foundation. Every user will get a ComingID (CID for short) when registering for ComingChat, and each CID is an NFT.


Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a virtual business blockchain game developed by the Darwinia team.

4. Summary

At present, Kusama’s NFT ecosystem is still at an early stage. Some infrastructures are not particularly complete and there are not many applications, but many innovations can still be seen. It is expected that after a period of development, Kusama will become the base camp for blockchain art and NFT development in the future.

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