Interview with Polkadot Councilors(1)

Q1: As a member of Polkadot Council, what are the approval criteria for treasury proposals and tips?

problem > Solution > Milestones to reach solutions
  1. First look at the importance of the proposal to the Polkadot ecology, such as some infrastructure solutions, friendly tools for developers, and whether they are helpful to ecological development;
  2. Motivation, the purpose of the proposal;
  3. The completeness of the proposal (background, purpose, milestone, required amount, etc.)
  4. Are there any quantifiable results in milestones?
  5. Is the application amount reasonable?
  1. First, I check whether the proposal generally benefits the Polkadot ecosystem. For most of the proposals, this is pretty straight-forward. However, for a small number of proposals that also involve other blockchains, we do need to do some additional checks to see if the majority of benefits can happen on Polkadot.
  2. Second, a check is done on the technical details of the proposal. The goal for this step is to understand whether the proposal is feasible to be implemented and whether any problem may be encountered.
  3. Third, I check on the compatibility of whether the proposer can finish the proposal. If much work has already been done or if a good amount of detailed steps are provided, then I check based on that. Otherwise, I check with the proposing team to confirm.
  4. Finally, I check on the cost. This is to make sure the money is worth the value.

Q2: What kind of treasury proposals are you more interested in?

Q3: What types of proposals can you offer more professional advice?

Q4: Which proposal impresses you most so far?

Q5: How much time will be spent on the Council things each week?

Q6: What’s your contribution as a member of the Council?

Q7: What’s your comment on the current council system? Does it work? What else can be improved in your opinion?

Q8: As councilor of both Polkadot and Kusama networks. Will you adopt different standards for the proposals of the two networks?

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