Bit.Country: Start your second life in Metaverse | PW Interviews

KIKO: What is Bit.Country?How did you come up with this idea?

Ray: Bit.Country allows everyone to create their own Metaverse. In Metaverse, everyone can have their own map, land, and marketplace in a decentralized organization, and most importantly, they can have their own social token.

KIKO: Bit.Country is trying to create a Metaverse. What is Metaverse in your opinion?

Shannon: What we are pursuing, or at least the Metaverse I am creating, is an immersive experience, in which there is social interaction, as well as potential work and earning opportunities. It’s a bit like having another life in the virtual world, interacting with the real world, and even having some influence on the real world. The two worlds are mixed to some extent. It is a world of life in a virtual space, which carries real value.

KIKO: When talking about the Metaverse, I think many people may think of the virtual world “Oasis” in the movie “Ready Player One”, which has cool effects and a very immersive experience. But in reality, many so-called meta-universe worlds are in pixel style, and the visual effects and user experience are not as good as some popular games now. Why is this happening? Do you plan to solve this problem at Bit.Country?

Shannon: I think there are many reasons. In one aspect, the team is of course considering and looking for solutions to improve visual effects.

KIKO: The slow loading speed you just mentioned may also be related to the use of blockchain. Do you think it is necessary to use the blockchain when building the Metaverse? Will the introduction of blockchain bring some additional challenges?

Shannon: I can say a few words about this question, but Justin knows a little bit better because he is more responsible for the blockchain part. I think the addition of the blockchain is indeed a very important point. When talking about the definition of the Metaverse, I also mentioned that it is very important to have real value in the Metaverse. I know that there are some similar centralized technologies that can do this, but in this way, it will be almost meaningless. With blockchain, you can really have ownership of these intangible assets that you can have a say.

KIKO: Why did Bit.Country choose to use Substrate to build and join the Polkadot ecosystem in the first place?

Justin: Ray mentioned that we started to have the concept of Bit.Country in 2018. At that time, we also made a lot of evaluations, whether we should use smart contracts to do it, or do something different.

KIKO: If I want to build my own Bit Country in Bit.Country, what do I need to do?

Justin: Because we want traditional Internet users to quickly get started, so at the current stage, we have designed a very simple participation process so that anyone can create their own Bit Country.

KIKO: What can everyone do in these Bit Countries?

Shannon: You can participate in governance and express your own opinions. You can list your own assets on the market, for example, you can sell a 3D model you created, wearable NFT, decoration, avatar, etc., and you can also provide services, such as helping others create works of art. You can also participate in some activities, such as exchanging your own collections, or communicating and discussing with other people.

KIKO: Do we need to spend money to play with these things? If so, who is the money given to?

Shannon: For those who want to create a Bit Country, or conduct entrepreneurial activities, they are likely to need some basic blockchain knowledge, such as the need to use smart contracts to buy things, so as to build their own Bit Country.

KIKO: I found that Bit.Country values the community a lot and encourage people to build their own community (Bit Countries). So what is the role of the development team in this ecosystem?

Ray: Our role is to build infrastructure and functions, encourage good behaviors, and prevent negative behaviors. We have 9 years of experience in operating communities. We previously had Industry Connect, and cooperated with Acala to operate the Substrate Academy education project, which can issue certificates by Parity. So we are very experienced with the needs of the community. We know what the organizers and participants of the community need. We have applied these knowledges and experience iinto our protocol and network so that everyone can use our experience. We have established the DAO structure so that one day the network can be purely totally decentralized, allowing the community to take over and continue to improve it.

KIKO: I just can’t wait to play it. When will Bit.Country goes live?

Shannon: We will launch the beta version of the game soon, around September. Our partners, investors, some KOLs, and users who have registered for Early Access can all enter to experience it. So it is a gradual online process. The first step is that certain users can participate, and then more people can participate. We will continue to release new features and will not launch everything at once.

KIKO: Will Bit.Country bid for the Parachain slots of Polkadot and Kusama?

Justin: Yes, our goal is to become a Metaverse chain in the Polkadot ecosystem. At present, the technical aspects are basically ready, but the specific parachain auction plan is still under discussion, and will be sent out as soon as it is finalized.

KIKO: How can everyone participate in Bit.Country right now?

Shannon: Now everyone can follow us on Twitter and other social networks to check our development progress. We also have a blind box event on Twitter that you can participate in. The prizes include NFT wearables that will be distributed when the mainnet is online. One step further, you can join the node operator plan, or the ambassador plan.

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