Altair: tokenize the real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network

1. Firstly, would you please introduce yourself and the project of Centrifuge/Altair?

2. What are the rationale or advantages behind your decision to enter this space?

3. I’d like to congratulate you on Altair winning the 9th parachain slot of Kusama. You were lucky, with a winning probability of 35%. Could you tell us when the participants of your crowdloan will receive their rewards? And what about the unlocking schedule?

4. What are your long-term and short-term plans for Altair after winning the slot?

5. Could you give an introduction of Tinlake in terms of what it is, how to operate and how to benefit from it?

6. After Altair becomes a parachain, which parachains are you going to cooperate with for interoperability?

7. Will Centrifuge participate in the bidding for Polkadot parachain slot? Could you share some information about your plan and strategy?

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