The first batch of shortlisted candidates for Substrate Entrepreneurship Camp is now available!

As Gavin said, “ We need to pick out the wheat from a bunch of chaffs and try to identify those high-quality, creative teams and products ”. 6 teams stood out from 139 applicants and were selected for the Substrate Entrepreneurship Camp. The Substrate Entrepreneurship Camp will provide comprehensive support in terms of strategy, technology, operations, and financing.

The purpose of Substrate Entrepreneurship Camp is to help teams who want to join the Polkadot ecology to start a project from 0 to 1. The first phase of…

For the public, maybe the name “Gavin Wood” is not as well-known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” or “Vitalik Buterin”. But in the mind of many blockchain developers, Gavin Wood is a legendary programmer and technical leader. Dr. Gavin Wood coded up the alpha release of Ethereum, wrote the Ethereum Yellow Paper, invented the Solidity language, and founded the next-generation blockchain protocol — Polkadot.

As Polkadot has become one of the top blockchain projects in the market capitalization list, more and more people want to know the person who created Polkadot. This article combs the story of Dr. …

2021 has just begun, and the crypto space has brought a constant surprise.

How will the market progress in 2021?

Will the Polkadot Parachain auction bring a new round of craze?

Which track of the Polkadot ecosystem will have a chance to stand out?

PolkaWorld host an interview with Polychain, one of the world’s leading crypto investment institutions, to discuss what’s their opinions on the crypto market and the Polkadot ecosystem in 2021.

Polychain was an early investor of Polkadot, Coinbase, Compound, Maker, Acala, and many other outstanding projects in the crypto market.


Jacob Phillips:Researcher

Ben Perszyk:Ecosystem Fund Lead

1.How do you think of the crypto market in 2021, as BTC is already $46k?

As the current largest smart contract platform, Ethereum has been plagued by problems such as network congestion, high fees and slow transaction speed. There are also projects within the rising Polkadot ecosystem that are developing new smart contract platforms. Could they solve Ethereum’s existing problems and take the smart contract and DApp ecosystem to a new level?

Today we will compare the four smart contract (DApp) platforms on Polkadot: Acala, Patract, Plasm and Moonbeam which are planned to be parachains on Polkadot and all have smart contract deployment capabilities.

The contract technologies currently available in Substrate ecosystem are EVM and…

Plasm is a smart contract Layer1 chain with the compatibility of EVM and WASM. In order to improve chain scalability, there is also a Layer2 solution. As is well known to those who have learned that Polkadot parachain will have their own contract functions in the future, but Plasm focus on the development of general smart contract infrastructure ( both Layer1 + Layer2) to provide an infrastructure with good scalability for dApp developers.

Plasm is creating an ETH2.0 on Polkadot!

As we all know Polkadot’s relaychain does not have smart contract functionality. DApp developers who want to develop applications based on Polkadot must action a parachain or…

Polkadot Council is one of the important roles of governance in the Polkadot network. Its main duty is to vote on the motion in the network, Treasury proposals, and tips. Although the council members are voted on by the community’s DOT holders, actually the community doesn’t have much learning about councilors and how councilors act in the network.

As a (former)Polkadot/Kusama councilor, PolkaWorld interviewed all Council members/former council members, sharing their daily work on the council and their views on the Treasury proposals.

Due to the article’s length, we share 5 councilors’ view in this article, and the rest will…

Hypersphere Ventures, a Web3.0 venture capital fund, has officially become a partner of the Substrate Entrepreneurship Camp, supporting the Polkadot Ecological startup team in China. Hypersphere has invested the excellent Polkadot eco-projects such as Acala and Moonbeam.

PolkaWorld interviewed Jack Platts, the partner of Hypersphere/former Director of Cooperation of the Web3 Foundation, about the Hypersphere’s investment strategy and advice for Web3.0 entrepreneurs.

1. How did you come up with the idea of Hypersphere and start the journey?

Rob and I started Hypersphere with a two-pronged thesis:

  1. We believe Polkadot projects hold much more promise than the market appreciates today.
  2. Because…

BTC has brought a decentralized digital currency based on the blockchain, and Ethereum is a smart contract platform, giving birth to a primary application with a “real blockchain soul” like Uniswap. So what’s the next generation of the blockchain application?

To answer this question, we are trying to find some traces from the development history of computer applications to predict the development of blockchain applications and trying to explain why we are optimistic about Polkadot technology.

Bitcoin Era: Application of Digital Currency

In 1946, the United States manufactured the first general-purpose computer ENIAC, which opened the modern computer era. …

Since Kusama network launched, it has initiated 56 Treasury Proposals in total, and 34 of them have been approved so far. The total expenditure of the Kusama Treasury is 45915.97 KSM, which is equivalent to $2,158,000 at the current KSM price.

As a member of runners up, PolkaWorld sorts out all Kusama’s Treasury proposals, ranging from website development and operation, documentary/video production, marketing plans to wallets, exchanges, NFT galleries, and even to help users recover the loss of a misoperation. It can be seen that Kusama network is very dynamic. …

Currently, 25 treasury proposals have been submitted for the Polkadot Treasury and 18 proposals have been passed, 104,054 DOTs have been allocated, each treasury proposal is funded by approximately 5780 DOTs (worth approximately $29,000). There are approximately 9.6M DOTs in the treasury, and currently, only 1% is used.

As one of the Polkadot Council members, PolkaWorld’s main responsibility is not only to review treasury proposals and approve proposals, but also to actively help participants in need of funding to better get the support of the Polkadot Treasury, and also let more people know Polkadot Treasury and know how to use…


Polkadot Community in China.

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